Not every garage door problem is complicated to solve. There are many garage door problems you can easily fix on your own. If you can't fix them on your own, you can easily diagnose them and get professional assistance with fixing these issues.

#1 Automatic Garage Door Isn't Opening

Is your automatic garage door is not opening, don't keep hitting the remote or the wall button over and over trying to get your garage door to open. Instead, check the batteries in your remote control or opener and see if they are worn out. Swap the batteries to see if that will fix the issue.  

If your garage door still doesn't open, see if you can reprogram the garage door remote or wall button. Pull out your manual to learn how to reprogram your remotes. These are the two most common reasons a garage door fails to open.

#2 The Garage Door Seems to Stick

If your garage door no longer opens or closes smoothly, you have a sticky garage door. A garage door tends to stick when things get dirty. Check and see if the rollers and tracks are dirty. If they are dirty, close your garage door and wipe down the rollers and tracks. You can use a wet cloth with some soap to clean everything up. Once everything is clean and dry, apply a little lubricating oil to the rollers and tracks to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If your garage door is still sticking, check the track and see if there are any dents. If there are small dents in the track, you may be able to hammer them out and get things running smoothly again.

#3 The Garage Door Will Not Close All the Way

If your garage door refuses to close, check the electric beams at the bottom sides of the garage door. If something is in the way of the garage door electric beams, your garage door will not be getting the all-clear signal it needs to close all the way. If the electric beams get bumped out of place and are not properly aligned with one another, this can also cause your garage door to fail to close. Fix this issue by lining the beams up with one another again.

If your garage door will not open, will not close all the way, or just seems to get stuck, try out the solutions above before calling a garage door service for help. Many garage door issues require a professional, but there are some you can take care of on your own.