Once you have bought and installed a new garage door, the chances are high that you'll stop at that and forget to take good care of it until a problem arises. The best practice, however, is to inspect and maintain the door a few times a year. Doing such inspections will help detect any problems early and work out ways to solve them before they get out of control.

It might be difficult to remember or to stick to a regular maintenance routine. However, you can time your inspection routine to coincide with other periodical activities that you never miss. Once you have that in place, you can proceed to perform the following maintenance practices.

Inspect the Cables and the Associated Pulleys

The cables, pulleys, and springs work to pull open the garage door. They also help in lowering down the door safely once you initiate the closing process. Apart from being key parts of the entire garage door system, cables, pulleys, and springs are fragile elements that you shouldn't touch aimlessly, lest they break loose and cause accidents.

Instead, keep inspecting these cables and springs to ensure they're intact and firmly holding the entire door. If you notice any signs of weakness and loose connections, call an expert and keep the place out of bounds until the cables and springs are fastened in place.

Give the Door a New Look

A new door is always a beauty to behold and admire, and it gives your garage a new, perfect look. However, with time the door's beauty fades or you become too acquainted with the color that you fail to see its beauty anymore. 

When you get to such a point, you are left to buy and install a new door or clean it and paint it to give it a new look. The latter is cheaper and more practical, especially when the door is still strong. Ensure you choose the right paint for the work and work on it slowly and carefully for an amazing outcome.

Lubricate Your Door's Moving Parts

One sign that you need to lubricate your garage door is the incessant squeaking noises that keep coming from your garage door when you open or close it. When these noises keep coming from your door, it is normally a sign that the moving parts, the panels, wheels, and tracks are going through wear and tear.

Purchase some recommended door lubricants and apply them to the door panels, wheels, and tracks to help reduce friction and its effect on the door. Lubricants help clear out debris and grime from these crucial parts to leave your door running smoothly and with less noise.

Call a residential garage door service if you need help maintaining your garage.