A garage door needs to rise up and lower smoothly and evenly. Anything else is a sign that something is wrong. Problems with garage doors aren't always emergencies, but in this case, they could very well be. Depending on the cause of a door that is uneven, you could need urgent repairs done as soon as possible.

A Cable or Spring Could Be About to Go

If a garage door is rising or lowering with one side higher than the other, something is not pulling one side of the door correctly. It could be that the door is simply off-track, literally, and needs to be repositioned. But it could also be that the cable that pulls the door up, or the springs on the sides, are about to break. If those are the cause, then this is an emergency because of the danger associated with breaking springs and falling doors. You have to at least have the door inspected as soon as you can.

Those Doors Are Heavy, and Falling Will Damage the Door, Too

Should the problem be a cable that's about to snap or a spring that's about to break, the door could suddenly fall if those items actually fail. Falling will damage the door, even if nothing is under the door except the normal ground. So, not only would you have to repair the spring or cable, but you'd also have to repair the door, windows in the door that might break from the shock of impact, the asphalt or concrete under the door that could chip from the impact, and so on. You can hope that the unevenness of the door results in it becoming jammed and not falling all the way to the ground, but there's no guarantee that will occur.

If the Door Jams, You're Stuck

Even if you don't think the cause of the problem is serious, you could be risking getting stuck inside or outside of the garage. A door that opens and closes unevenly could jam suddenly. If your car is still in the garage at that point, it's stuck until you can get the door open. And even if you're not concerned about getting your car out, having a door jammed halfway or even just a foot above the ground is an invitation for people to slither in and swipe some of your stuff from the garage. The point of having a garage door is to keep the garage closed off from people who shouldn't be in there, so a jammed door doesn't do any good.

If you need garage door repair due to a door that won't raise or lower evenly, call for repairs now. Don't wait. You want to get that problem looked at, diagnosed, and fixed as quickly as possible. That's best for your safety and your home's security. Contact an emergency garage door repair service near you to learn more.